Pre-Service Training for Kinship Foster Care

Pre-Service Children's Mental Health Services Video

Children's Mental Health Video. This may take a few minutes to load.  Be patient.  There is a self-test that needs to be completed while viewing the training and then signed for documentation.

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and Abusive Head Trauma

Course entitled "Brain Development, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and Abusive Head Trauma: Shaken Baby Syndrome". When this online class is completed, you will be able to print a certificate for documentation from this website.

Normalcy Parenting Standards

This is a required training video for all providers. After completion, print certificate and then sign and date it.

A Powerpoint is available while viewing above video. Normalcy and Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard Training.

In the Best Interest of Your Child

Find this video here.

Relative and Kinship Adoption:  What You Need to Know

Scroll to find this video.  It has good information for relatives who are fostering or adopting.  Documentation of completion is available by emailing  

Also recommended:  "Trauma:  What You Need to Know," "Parenting From Hard Places."