Adolescent Chemical Dependency

Blue Earth County Human Services provides chemical use assessments (sometimes referred to as “Rule 25 assessments”) for persons seeking to know if they are drug or alcohol dependent and what treatment options are available. The assessment determines whether or not the person has a chemical dependency as well as a recommendation for an appropriate level of treatment.

Generally, these chemical use assessments are requested by persons seeking a public funding source for chemical dependency treatment (e.g., persons who are on public assistance for insurance or who meet income poverty guidelines). The public funding source in Minnesota is known as the Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund (CCDTF). The assessment process also determines if a person is eligible for treatment services paid for through this fund.

Blue Earth County Human Services also functions as a referral point for judicial commitment of persons deemed in need of involuntary treatment for chemical dependency under Minnesota Statute 253B - the “Minnesota Commitment and Treatment Act”.

For adults, an appointment can be made for intake and assessment by calling (507) 304-4319. For more information or to make a referral for services for an adolescent, contact Intake at (507) 304-4444.